Service "Call me"

No funds to make a call? Request a call to you!

Нет денег для звонка? Попросите позвонить вам!

Make a "Call me" request *144*7ХХХХХХХХХХ#
Ban receipt of "Call me" SMS *144#
Deactivate ban of "Call me" SMS receipt *144*0#

The service is provided free of charge and is active at registration in AIVA network even at negative balance. There is no need to additionally activate or deactivate the service.

A “Call me” request may be sent to subscriber of any Russian mobile carrier, provided OJSC "MTT" has possibilities to exchange SMS with it, and Babilon-Mobile Tajikistan.

The recipient of your "Call me" request will get a SMS with the request to call you or to refill your balance.

The maximum number of requests within 24 hours is 10. Under 24 hours we understand the time period from 00:00 till 00:00 of the next day (Moscow time).