Changes in the plan "Finlyandia"

Dear subscribers,

Terms of tariff plan "Finlyandia" are changed as of 28.12.2017

  1. Call-forwarding to the Finnish number, assigned by the carrier DNA OY" is terminated
  2. Price of outgoing calls to Finland constitues 25 RUR/min

The first outgoing call made from 28.12.2017 on, means the subscriber agrees to accept changes in the Agreement of provision of mobile readiotelephone services in the part, concerning the terms of the service "Call-forwardig to the Finnish number, assigned by the carrier "DNA Oy"

No additional SIM-card needed. You can still use both numbers (The Russian number as per the plan "Finlyandia" and Finnish - as per the plan "Super Prepaid").

In travels between Russia and Finnland there will be no automatic network switching. It is necessary to choose the appropriate network through the SIM menu. Choose AIVA when in Russia, and DNA when in Finland
  • Android: Menu → Tools → Sim-menu → Carrier → Manual → AIVA/DNA
  • iPhone: Phone → SIM-applications →SIM-menu → Carrier → Manual → AIVA/DNA
  • Windows Phone: Menu → All applications → Parameters →  Network and wireless connection → Mobile network and SIM-card →  SIM-card →  SIM-card applications →  SIM-menu → Carrier →  Manual →  AIVA/DNA
  • Feature phone: Menu → Tools → SIM-menu → Carrier → Manual → AIVA/DNA

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