For calls to Tajikistan

Service plan "Vsegda doma"


На территории России
Subscriber Fee 0,00
Calls to AIVA mobile 1,00
Calls to other numbers of home network 5,50
Calls to other numbers 6,90
Calls to Tajikistan 19,00
SMS to Russian mobile numbers 5,50
SMS to Babilon-Mobile Tajikistan 5,50
SMS to other numbers in Tajikistan 10,00
1 MB of Internet 0,50
Free of charge numbers
Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in RF +7 (495) 690-61-02
Integration center "Migration and Law" +7 (495) 688-51-22
Information service of Migration Department of Russia in Moscow +7 (495) 587-07-87
Representative office of Labour, Migration and population employment of the Republic of Tajikistan +7 (495) 967-98-44
Reception of honorary Consul of the Republic of Tajikistan in St. Petersburg +7 (812) 571-48-87
Hotline consultations on issues of external labour migration concerning provisions of Labour Law in envolvement of foreign employees +7 (812) 723-33-98
Hotline of Migration Department of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region +7 (812) 273-22-46

All prices are indicated in Russian rubles for a minute of connection VAT included. Per minute billing. Prices are valid when on the territory of Russia.

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