For calls to Armenia

Service plan "My Armenia"

calls to Armenia from 1 RUR.
2 numbers on one SIM-card: Russian AIVA mobile and Armenian Ucom.

calls to Armenia from 1 RUR.
2 numbers on one SIM-card: Russian AIVA mobile and Armenian Ucom.


На территории России, включая Республику Крым и г. Севастополь
Subscriber Fee 0,00
Calls to AIVA mobile 0,30
Calls to other numbers of home network 1,70
Calls to other numbers 2,50
Calls to mobile numbers Ucom Armenia (with option "Armenia 500") 1,00
Calls to Ucom Armenia mobile numbers 2,50
Calls to other numbers in Armenia 5,00
Calls to USA 0,50
Calls to Israel 1,70
Calls to Cyprus 8,00
Calls to France 5,20
Calls to Greece 5,80
SMS to Russian mobile numbers 2,50
SMS to mobile Ucom Armenia numbers 2,50
SMS в Армению на другие номера 10,00
1 MB of Internet 0,50

* Home network: Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region, Rostov-on-Don and Rostov region, Krasnodar and Krasnodar territory.

*Пакеты "Armenia 500", "Armenia 900" не действуют за пределами домашней сети

Within Armenia
Calls to all networks in Armenia and Artsakh 25 драмов/минута
Calls to all networks in Russia 25 драмов/минута
Mobile Internet 25 драмов/Мб
SMS to Armenian and Artsakh networks 25 драмов/SMS
SMS to international numbers 25 драмов/SMS
Video call within Ucom network 25 драмов/минута
Free of charge numbers
Embassy of Armenia in RF +7 (495) 625-73-05
Integration center "Migration and Law" +7 (495) 688-51-22
Information service of Migration Department of Russia in Moscow +7 (495) 587-07-87

Tariffs on the territory of Russia are indicated in Russian rubles with VAT.
Service plans in Armenia are shown in Armenian drams.

Services in Armenia are provided by Ucom in drams.
A SIM card can be bought in Armenia at Ucom salons.

Upon subscriber’s request, within the frames of this offer calls from Russian number to any number with +374 or 00374 prefixes are considered as special command and are redirected/forwarded to his/her Armenian number.

Services for the plan

Armenia 500

200 minutes in Russia, 200 minutes to Ucom Armenia, 2Gb on Internet and 100 SMS for 500 rub/month.

Armenia 900

400 minutes in Russia, 400 minutes in Ucom Armenia, 4Gb of Internet and 200 SMS for 900 rub/month.